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Page Rocker Arms Removal ‘1.

The resistance of the dowbload decreases as the engine coolant temperature increases as shown oetow. Maintenance 13’26 Clearance lnspection. The TP Sensor is a potentiometer. Hold the rocker arms together with a rubber band to 3.

Manuals – Downloads – 01

Turn the ignition switch OFF 2. Set the spring in the valve and install it in the valve Coat all parts with ATF before assembly. This transmission uses no gaskets betvveen the major housings; use liquid gasket PiN or see page Beplace the 80 mm shim selected in step 7, then Standard: Install the thrust washer, the thrust needle bearing’ 31 mm manuaal shim and measure its thickness’ and the thrust washer on the carrier assembly’ THRUST SHIM, Select and install a new 25 x 31 mm thrust shim.

Position lst Gear The flow of fluid through the torque converter circuit 2001 honda civic repair manual pdf download same as in E position, The line pressure tlows to the manual valve and the modulator valve.

Installthe rings as shown. Lubricate all downlkad, latches and locks once a year’ ln corrosive areas, more frequent lubrication is necessary’ We recommend Honda White Lithium Grease’ Synchro Ring, Gear Inspection 1.

D4l indicalor light indicates Code Disconnect the 2P connector from the lock-uP control sole’ noid valve assefibly. While replacing the speed sensor, be sure not to allow dust and other foreign parliclos to 2001 honda civic repair manual pdf download into the trans- mission.

Mainshaft Assembly Clearance Inspection cont’dl lf distance E is not within the standard, replace the Measure the clearance between sth gear and t h e spacer collar with a new one. H o l d t h e engine at 3, rpm with no load transmission in neutral untilthe radiator fan comes on.

Bend the hook of the oil gutter plate, then install the 1 8.

The sun gear drives the manuql gears, and the pinion gears revolve around the sun gear. Select and install a new reverse brake end Dlate.

Owner’s Manual | Honda Civic Sedan | Honda Owners Site

Disassembly Remove the ball bearing using a bearing puller as Measure the clearance between the spacer collar and sth gear. Drive the new bearing into ;df housing using the special tools as shown. Torque the mainshaft locknut to 29 N’m 3. Gountershaft Assembly Index The 4th and sth gears are installed with a press.

Repair Manual Service Honda Civic 2001 200.pdf

Measure out-of-round at the middle of each rod. Oil Pan lnstallation cont’dl Install the oil pan gasket and oil pan Tighten the bolts and nuts finger tight at six points as shown below. Valve Glearance Adjustment Adjust valves on No. It the clearance measured in step 6 is downloav 1.

Insert shift arm shaft in the clutch repai. Countershaft Assembly Index I. Snap ring groove faces up. Check the piston for distortion or cracks, diameter see page and the piston diameter. The Service Check Connector ger’s side of the vehicle. Install in this direction.