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In particular, the following factors will be taken into account in the visits monitoring system: The manufacturer kachinery, for inspection purposes, allow the notified 98 37 ec machinery directive pdf download access to the places of design, manufacture, inspection, testing and storage, and shall provide it with all necessary information, such as:. A range of values may be given for specified applications. Where, in the case of self-propelled machinery with a ride-on driver, operator s or other person sthere is a risk of rolling or tipping over, the machinery must be fitted with an appropriate protective structure, unless this increases the risk.

Interlocking movable guards must be designed in such a way that the absence or failure of one of their components prevents starting or stops the hazardous machinery functions.

EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

The operator’s seat must enable him to maintain a stable position. Failure of the power supply The interruption, re-establishment after an interruption or fluctuation in whatever manner of the power supply to the machinery must not downnload to a dangerous situation. Portable cartridge-operated fixing and other impact machinery.

Where machinery has an electricity supply, it must be designed, constructed and equipped in such a way that all hazards of an electrical nature are or can be prevented.

Furthermore, during EC type-examination, the notified body shall verify the downloa of the safety component for 98 37 ec machinery directive pdf download the safety functions declared by the manufacturer. Special requirements for guards 1. The materials used for the direcive and its fittings must be fire-resistant.

Sawing machines with fixed tool during operation, having a fixed bed with manual feed of the workpiece or with a demountable power feed. The technical file shall comprise the following: In the case of very large machinery, instead of downloqd A-weighted sound power level, the A-weighted emission sound pressure levels at specified positions around the machinery may be indicated.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

If these four conditions cannot be fulfilled simultaneously, the control or operating mode selector must activate other protective measures designed and constructed to ensure a safe intervention downlozd. The information needed to control machinery must be provided in a form that is unambiguous and easily understood.

Machinery must be so designed, constructed and equipped that the need for operator intervention is limited. Textile ropes and slings must not include any knots, connections or splicing other than at 98 37 ec machinery directive pdf download ends of the sling, except in the case of an endless sling.

If the machinery is intended to be used in a hazardous environment presenting risks to the health and safety of the operator or if the machinery itself gives rise to a hazardous environment, adequate means must be provided to ensure that the operator has good working conditions and is protected against any foreseeable hazards. Protective devices must be designed and incorporated into the control system in such a way that:.

Machinery Directive EC, Guide | European Commission | European Union

When a part of a machine has been stopped, any drift away from the stopping position, for whatever reason other than action at the controls, must be such that it is not a hazard to exposed persons. Doownload latter shall inform the other Member States and the Commission thereof, giving the reasons for the decision. Where it is essential for safety, such devices must be provided with the means to check that they are downlozd good working order and their failure must be made apparent to the operator.

It is also necessary to provide for an adequate 98 37 ec machinery directive pdf download allowing for the adoption of specific measures at Community level requiring Member States to prohibit or restrict the placing on the market of certain types of machinery presenting the same risks to the health and safety of persons either due to shortcomings in the relevant harmonised standard s or by virtue of their technical characteristics, or to make such machinery 98 37 ec machinery directive pdf download to special conditions.

The control machineery must be protected against any accidental release.

The Commission, the Member States and the other notified bodies may, on request, obtain a copy of the EC type-examination certificates. This Directive applies to the following products: This does not preclude the possibility of exchanges of technical information between the manufacturer and the body.

If operator intervention cannot be avoided, it must be possible to carry it out easily and in safety. Rope carriers, tractors or tractor carriers must be held by counterweights 98 37 ec machinery directive pdf download by a device allowing permanent control of the tension. These functions include, in particular, those for which operators other than the driver are responsible or for which the driver has to leave the driving position in order to control them safely.

The downooad mechanical transmission device must be marked accordingly.

Where safety requirements do not impose other solutions: Control devices must be so arranged that their layout, travel and resistance to operation are compatible with the action to be performed, taking account of ergonomic principles. In the case of machinery on which a rotary tool may be fitted, it must not be possible to actuate that tool when the reversing control is engaged, except where movement of the machinery results 98 37 ec machinery directive pdf download movement of the tool.

Nevertheless, for certain types of machinery having a higher risk factor, a stricter certification procedure is desirable. It must be possible to start machinery only by voluntary actuation of a control device provided for the purpose.

Their fixing systems must remain attached to the guards or to the machinery when the guards are removed. Required characteristics of guards and protection devices 1.

Where machinery is equipped with warning devices such as signals, etc.

Machinery Directive 98-37-EC, Guide

Bodies meeting the assessment criteria laid down in maxhinery relevant harmonised standards shall be presumed to fulfil those criteria. The deadman’s control may be foot-operated, however.

Isolators must also be capable of being locked where an operator is downooad, from any of the points to which he has access, to check that the energy is still cut off.