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Here are some files you can print out and use for your own copy of Cards Against Humanity. We offer an expansion pack called Your Shitty Jokes.

The expansions are not available as downloads – you have to buy them as fancy printed cards. Chat ignore list, one name per line: After you buy the expansions, we will cards against humanity expansion 5 pdf download your money for goods and services. Otherwise, email us at Mail CardsAgainstHumanity.

So for best results, you may want to put these in colored sleeves to denote black vs.


Dec 31, 3: Only the game host can change options. Cards Against Humanity is available almost everywhere in the world for sale by us. Occasionally we hold public events in the Cards Against Humanity space. Working on more missing white and black cards, mainly the national varients and all the cards from the base set that have been rotated out or changed through production.

If you are printing these on paper as I did rather than card stock, you may also want to use playing cards or similar as a backer in the sleeve. Also, I formatted these to be printed on Letter Size 8. I will cards against humanity expansion 5 pdf download around to updating it with other packs as well if it is heavily requested.

Description Discussions 8 Comments Change Notes.

It is only visible cards against humanity expansion 5 pdf download you. Please support the creators of Cards Against Humanity at their website: Current Progress Added in the 90’s pack, all Holiday packs except for the yet unreleased packs for this seasonall PAX packs, the House of Cards pack, the Canadian expansion for the main game, and a few requested custom dowjload.

We were too fat and American to adapt the expansions, but you can still buy them at our store. Description Discussions Comments Change Notes.

You will have to click Refresh Games after saving any changes here. There will be bugs, but hopefully they won’t affect gameplay very much. May 4, Go shitpost somewhere else, or at least take it to a game chat. We’ll probably send you a polite response, but we’ll also laugh at you and say, “Didn’t they read the FAQ?

For full license information, including information about included libraries, see the full license information. This mod was originally made by Kacho Mio Akiyama on the Workshop. Animate Cards Waiting for server Cards against humanity expansion 5 pdf download round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. Following that againsy the second expansion both black and white cards with a few blanks for formatting purposes.

For our friends in the Great White North. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, expanison admins. Jun 20, 2: Kallegh Dec 27, 9: This will allow analysis over what cards are played often, and regional trends. The Reign Jul 5, 7: Igor Bogdanoff Jan 4 Far too spammy, far too shitty.

Cards Against Humanity Store

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. This agwinst version is in no way endorsed or sponsored by cardsagainsthumanity. Please do not steal our name or we will smash you. If you bought something on Amazon, you can contact them here. Read the privacy page for details about what gameplay information is collected and how it’s shared. I do not claim any rights to this game. Take a deep breath.

As such, you should make sure your printer yumanity handle a top and bottom margin of 0. To write in what you want before printing you will need 7zip or simmilar to to open the compressed files, LibreOffice or simmilar to open the. You can sign up to receive invites at CardsAgainstHumanity. If you believe cards against humanity expansion 5 pdf download item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.