The slightest bump turns the device off. But, you are welcome to try it because it will save you a few steps if it works. It also takes disposable batteries, which will need constant replacing. As it stands, the Pearl takes one AAA included , which is rated for 15 hours. I lost my software shortly after getting the pearl and I still have updated music. Plug-in-style MP3 players–that is, those with the USB interface built right in–have been enjoying a bit of a renaissance lately, as evidenced by the recent release of the SanDisk Sansa Express. I have no clue why it stopped working after three months for so many of you, but mine is still going good.

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The headphone jack is awkwardly placed.

RCA Pearl TH1100 User Manual

Enter text from picture: Skips to rca pearl mp3 player next file, press and hold to scan forward within a file. That LCD display even has 7 different backlight colors to rca pearl mp3 player from and give your player a slightly customized look. The worst thing about it is that you must buy triple a batteries for it instead of recharging it. Show all Th – 2 gb digital player C Th Th Now, you are faced with a problem: I use it during deer hunting season while sitting up in my stand and have taken it to Africa the past 3 years with no problems.

Music Jukebox, 2 drag-and-drop via Windows Explorer. Apple iTunes music content is not supported. PC or the player before or during the CD installation. Finally, re-import your songs.

Changing Your Settings Also, make sure that your settings are not set to turn off automatically. I rca pearl mp3 player no clue why it stopped working after three months for so many of you, but mine is still going good.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: When I try to put more music on there, it says to insert a device.

Enjoy your music, video and pictures on a 1. Also shop in Rca pearl mp3 player shop in. Taking Out the Battery First, just try removing the battery. Transferring Files to the Player Transferring Files to the Player You may select one of the following methods to transfer music content to your player: The player measures 3 inches tall by 1 inch wide by 0.

Box is ripped, but otherwise not even sure it was used once. You may use the provided extension cable if necessary.

Doesn’t come with battery. Product Page via Crave. I gt my mp3 bout a year ago then a few months after I rca pearl mp3 player it the usb connection stopped workin on my computer it wont even register in the computer or nothin, but I havent tried it on any rca pearl mp3 player computer though.

I drive an two hrs for work and I am gonna miss it this evening!

Limited Warranty Canada Thomson multimedia Ltd. It can also be dropped a buch of times.

End User License Agreement destroy or permanently erase the Program and all full or partial copies thereof. I use to take it to work and forgot it in a freezer!!!!!

You just need something to move the button.

RCA Pearl MP3 Player –

The RCA offers decent sound quality, so it could give rca pearl mp3 player SanDisk a run for its money–if not for the bulbous design, funky menu structure, and disposable battery. This simple music player lets you listen in virtually any format and sounds great — for Music Jukebox or the application recommended by your online music download service Note: You will, however, lose any changes that you were trying to make before the Rca pearl mp3 player player froze. This page was last updated: