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You can only take a photo by pressing the camera key.

To manuao a track When browsing your tracks in the music player library, touch and hold a track title. For example, if you are viewing the conversations list in the Messaging application, you can slide out the keyboard and immediately start entering text for a new message you want to send.

Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro Extended User Manual

Usage info For quality purposes, Xperia neo v manual pdf download Ericsson collects anonymous bug reports and statistics regarding your phone usage. Or you can choose to only use the imported contacts in the phone. Settings are optimized to give slightly softer skin tones. The camera focuses on distant objects. Also, you may need to have a memory card inserted in your phone to download content, such as music, ringtones and themes.

To take a photo by tapping the screen From your Home screen, tapthen xperia neo v manual pdf download and tap If the still camera is not selected, tap To display all settings, press Tap Touch capture and select On if it is not already selected.

If your phone is stolen, your network provider can use your IMEI number to stop the phone from accessing the network in your country. Use the front camera to take self-portraits. Mark the Silent mode checkbox.

Sony Ericsson MT11i White Paper

Enter text from picture: Sports Use for photos of fast-moving objects. You can hold the camera horizontally or vertically. Pressthen tap Settings. Scroll up or down to view more options. Web Browser, Toolbar, Browsing The Web Web browser Use your web browser to view and navigate web pages, add pages as bookmarks, and create shortcuts to your Home xperia neo v manual pdf download.

For more information on how to maximize your battery performance, visit www.

Sony Ericsson does not warrant the accuracy of any location services, including but not limited to navigational services. Centre Adjust the exposure to the centre of the image.

Xperia neo v manual pdf download you forget this information, it may not be possible to restore important data such as contacts and messages. To activate or deactivate call waiting, tap Call waiting. New email message New text message or multimedia message New voicemail An upcoming calendar event A song is playing The phone is connected to a computer via a USB cable Warning message Error message Missed call Call ongoing Call on hold Call forwarding on Software updates available Downloading data Your phone can handle several email accounts at the same time.

Battery Otherwise, your phone repeatedly scans for available networks, and this consumes power. To read your email messages From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Email. Page 59 Tap Remove account. In this case, contact the nearest Sony Ericsson service center. Page 21 1 Change the character case and turn on the caps lock.


Posted by admin xperia neo v manual pdf download Tap Reset to default. Smile level Use the smile level function to determine what kind of smile the camera reacts to before taking a photo. Mark the checkboxes for the conversations you want to delete, then tap Delete. It is also features with 5 megapixels camera and 0.

If you have set up more than one email account, tap the account you want to adjust.

Press nep, then tap Delete several. Enter the number you want to forward the calls to and tap Enable. Sony Ericsson account Store your phone contacts on a secure Sony Ericsson server, and you’ll always have a backup online. To switch between browser windows Xperia neo v manual pdf download the Browser screen, press Tap Windows to see a list of all open windows.

Table Of Contents Contents Important information Getting Directions Before taking trips, you can download and save maps to your memory card to avoid high roaming costs.